Personalized Real-Time Skin Diagnostics Paired with Product Recommendations.

Providing an innovative approach to personalizing the online shopping experience for customers, inspired
by the COVID-19 pandemic. Using advanced technology in augmented reality and artificial intelligence, which
scans the user’s face within seconds and provides an instant in-detail analysis of the consumer's skin.
There is a rapid trend and change in behavior in how consumers are choosing to shop since the start of the
pandemic. The skin diagnostics tool, helps customers shop safely online with accurate product recommendations.



-3D Facial Recognition

-Hyper-Realistic Augmented Reality

-Results in 3-seconds

-Advanced Technology uses 106-point Real-time Facial Landmarks


Utilizes deep learning technology to provide users with real-time skin care analysis.
Through accurate detection of wrinkles, spots, skin texture, and dark circles, we can
recommend products based on your specific skin care needs and track the efficacy
of a skin care routine over time.